how to get here...

From Tenerife ◯

Most people arrive here from the Tenerife international Airport which is in the south of Tenerife!

For the ferry connection from Tenerife to La Gomera you need to transfer to Los Christianos which is is near the Airport, also in the south of Tenerife.

If you prefer a flight connection, you'll want to travel to La Laguna in the north of Tenerife which also will be covered in the following section.

Starting from the airport you have the following options:

Autobuses Mesa ≳

The most comfy and easiest way to La Gomera!

Transfers you directely from the airport to your destination here on the island, including ferry fees and luggage handling.

Just relax and arrive withoutany stress, directely at your door at i.e.: Valle Gran Rey!

Booking in advance is highly recommended!

visit the official website here

GuaGua ≵

The public buses are called "GuaGua" and have different platforms directely at the airport

On arrival In Los Christianos, you will have to calculate a 20 minute walk tothe ferry port through the city of los Christianos or take a taxi from there.

There is also a direct connection to the national airport in La Laguna, which takes approximately one hour to arrive:

airport shuttle: Line 343

The public bus company of Tenerife is called titsa

find the official website here

taxi ⋙

From the airport to los Christianos ,you need around 30 minutes and is quite affordable with approx. 27€ especially when you travel in a small group.

You can always, try to negotiate a fixed price beforehand , most drivers are open to that.

Pro tip ⟁ even if you travel alone chances are high that on the plane or at the airport, you will meet someone to share a taxi with !

Don't be shy and ask around!

binter ⤻

From the airport La Laguna in the north of tenerife , you can fly directely to the airport Santiago in the south of La Gomera.

To get there you can take line 343 , which connects both airport-bus, within approximately one hour.

There are currently two regular flights per day, which cost about 80€ for non residents.

To find schedules or book a flight, visit the official website here

from Los Cristianos ⩈

Once arrived in Los Cristianos you want to look for the ferry terminal, were you can choose between two different ferry lines.

Depending on your plans and travel schedules you might want to consider spending a night on Tenerife

ferries ⧎

For the ferry passage you have two options:

Naviera Armas

schedules here

You can buy tickets locally on arrival, or book them online in advance or on the official pages, linked above .

arriving on La Gomera Δ

from san Sebastian

If you travel by ferry, you will first arive in San Sebastian, the capital of La Gomera! from here you have multiple connections to all major places on the island.

The central bus station is about a 15 minutes walk away from the ferry port and serves the following connections:

Ferry connection to Valle Gran Rey

There is also a ferry connection from the ferry terminal in San Sebastian to Valle Gran Rey via Playa Santiago which takes about one hour and ten minutes

from the airport Santiago

If you come by plane, from the airport Santiago you can choose between the follwing bus lines: